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At EigenNummer, you can choose which Dutch area code you would like for your business phone number. For example, choose a regional area code such as 010 (Rotterdam area), 020 (Amsterdam area) or 050 (Groningen area). Would you rather have a national look? Then choose a national 085 area code. It’s your choice!
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You only pay € 2,10 per month for registering your business telephone number. Do you opt for unlimited calling?  It’s possible to pay per minute. Then you pay € 5,10 per month plus your (international) calling minutes.
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Zakelijke telefonie

Dutch phone number via VoIP

EigenNummer works with VoIP telephony. This means that you have a virtual VoIP telephone exchange located in the cloud. This allows you to be connected to your telephone exchange wherever you are. The only condition is a working internet connection. Voice over IP telephony saves lots of depreciation costs and gives you extra flexibility. For instance when you work abroad and you want to use a Dutch business number. With EigenNummer you can easily forward your business number to your mobile phone. As a result you’re even more flexible with your fixed Dutch telephone number! You can easily switch this on or off via our portal mijn.eigennummer.nl or via the free app.

Curious about all the extra functionalities of VoIP telephony at EigenNummer? View all additional functions here or request your business phone number directly and put together your ideal package.

NOTE: We need a Dutch KVK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) registration to validate your VoIP phone number request!

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